Dimension Two Longboards

DTWO is a longboard company from Slovenia . Their goal is to deliver good, progressively shaped lon gboards , carefully crafted with second dimension in mind. Inspired by their beautiful backyard on sunny side of the alps, passing the deep valleys , breathing in the urban madness and ending up in the low lying coastal trails.

Their longboards are carefully crafted from layers of fine beech wood (Fagus sylvatica) grown on the sunny side of the Alps. The mother of Slovenian woods is a tough and wear-resistant timber. Carefully prepared and shaped into a longboard. Bringing out the very best features of its growth  history .

DTWO longboards are extremely well crafted and designed in to a masterpiece, with a range of simple cruisers for enjoyable ride all the way trough the Race Cruiser and Race LTD geared up for your memorable downhill ride.

  • DTWO_01

  • DTWO_02

  • DTWO_03

  • DTWO_04

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